Let's Get Started!

Are you ready for a new start in a traditional Anglican Church! Feel like the church has left you? Come and be part of something new, a new beginning with people that comfirm Orthodox Christian beliefs!

We have a mission to follow the Great Commandment, to spread the Good News and bring people to Christ. Come experiences a loving, fellowship community!

Who We Are


 St Patrick's is all about it's people, come learn more about us!

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Meet Our Clergy


Learn more about our great clergy! They are all about us learning the path and finding peace!

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Support Fr. Paul

Support Fr Paul
Please help Fr. Castellano realize his goal of pursuing a PhD in Dogmatics.

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Welcome Home ~ St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's is a new Anglican Mission serving the City of Highland and San Bernardino County California.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting our website, please come and visit us in person, we would love to meet you!

Are you a Disenfranchised Episcopalian or an Anglican without a home?

Are you a Disillusioned Lutheran?

Are you a Disappointed Evangelical?

Are you a Dissatisfied Roman Catholic?

Are you an Anglican or Episcopalian convinced you're being forced out by the radical revision of the Faith? Does the Ordination of Rev. Robinson to the office of Bishop, the rejection of the 39 Articles of the Anglican Faith, the repudiation of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, and the disregard of the English Reformation cause you to wonder if you still belong to a Biblical Church? If this is you come join us. Welcome Home!

Are you a Lutheran who is looking for more than factious debates over ELCA and the LCMS? Do you desire to partake of the Sacrament of our Lord's Eucharist? Do you want to worship in the manner that the founders of the Reformation desired? If this is you come and join us. Welcome Home!

Are you an Evangelical who is looking for sound biblical teaching, commitment to the inerrancy of God's Word, AND a true connection to the Biblical Church instituted by Our Lord, continued by His Apostles, developed by the early church, and identified by the Reformers? Do you look for a depth of spirituality, a reverence for Holy Communion, recognition that worship is more than sitting in a seat for 45 minutes listening to a lecture on whatever? If this is you, take a look at our Doctrinal Statement and come join us. Welcome Home!

Are you Roman Catholic who wants to worship the way the Ancient Church worshipped, without all of the Medieval additions to or Puritan subtractions from, worship? Do you desire to come to worship, be able to sit down, close your eyes, and simply breathe a sigh of relief? Apostolic Succession, commitment to the Church Fathers, the Sacrament of our Lord's Body and Blood, sound Biblical teaching, in a caring loving pastoral environment. If this is you come and join us. Welcome Home!

If any of the above describes who you are or what you desire, please come visit. If you fall into a category not mentioned, but you want to be totally involved in a Biblical worship service; want to participate in the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual, aspects of worship; you want to feel connected to the faith of historic Christianity come join us! And Welcome Home!

We are Theologically Conservative, Liturgically Traditional, Historically Anglican, and Thoroughly Biblical.

By Traditional we simply mean that we adhere to Historic Christianity as taught in the 3 Ancient Creeds; Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed; we believe in and subscribe to the 39 Articles of Religion, and we accept as our binding guide for worship, the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. We do not invoke new fades or novel ministry; or the most current and popular social causes; or reject certain portions of the Prayer Book or Scripture because they are old, outdated, for a different culture, and archaic!

Come experience reverent, holy, Biblical, Historic, vital Christian worship. Come join us!

You are family the minute you walk through the door, because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Come share Anglican worship with us. We worship in a way that is traditional, solemn and will help lead you to reverence an All Holy God.

What you get at St. Patrick's

  • Two senior level Clergy, with years of successful church experience.
  • Focus on the individuals relationship with Christ.
  • Emphasis upon Bible based discipleship.
  • Evangelism and outreach.
  • Friendships are a key part of who we are!

Ready to Grow Your Faith

Been going to church for years? Feel like your stuck in a rut? Your faith and personal life not going in the direction you want it to go? God calls us to transform our lives by the renweing of our minds. But to make this trainsformation, we must engage His Word for His sake and on His terms. We are here to help you in this transformation! Church is more than just coming to Sunday service, it is about us growing in Grace in Christ and connecting with others in Biblical Fellowship. It is about being a disciple.

  1. Following Christ - A disciple is one who is a learner and follows Christ in obedience to His Word.
  2. Being Changed by Jesus - He changes us internally, He changes who we are, He sanctifies us.
  3. Committed to Jesus' mission to save people - We do this by showing others how we live our lives. Our hands are for His service. We are ambassadors for Christ.

Jesus said we would know a tree by it's fruit. He did not mean perfect fruit, because none of us are perfect! He just wants growing fruit. Let us at St. Patrick's help you grow and find purpose!

Celebrate Success!

  • Worship in Word and Sacrament!
  • Experience Fellowship and Friendship!
  • Become a disciple by learning to grow in Grace!
  • Partake in relevant, reverent Worship!

Are you ready for a New Experience?

Call Father Murray or Father Castellano, they will love to talk with you about what St. Patrick's has to offer! Or just come and visit us on Sunday!