Senior Level Clergy!

St. Patrick's is very lucky! We have two experience clergy with impressive backgrounds. These are the kind of men that you want leading you, they lead by example. Their focus is on growing the individual, with compassionate connectivity. They are there when you need them. Feel free to contact either one of them, both are ready to connect with you!

Our Clergy

Father Ronald D. Murray

Fr Ronald MurrayFather Ronald was born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas, eventually making my way to Hemet, California after a seven year stay in Arizona.

He met his bride to be, Diana, the love of his life, while they were still in high school. Both sang in the school choirs and participated in the theatre program. But didn't date until after high school. Once started dating he knew that she was the one that he wanted to live with the rest of his life. They got married in July of 1971 at the Baptist Church that she was raised in. They just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. God willing, they will have many more years together. Father Ronald was not a believer at the time that they got married, but his wife made it her life's work to pray me into the church.

His family went to church infrequently, but when they did, it was to a Southern Baptist Church. His conversion experience happened when recruited to sing in the local Episcopal churches' choir by the choirmaster when in college. The Holy Spirit touched and spoke to him through the beauty of the liturgy and the holiness of the Word and Sacrament. He was baptized in 1977 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Redlands, CA and confirmed a year later. First service to the church was as the Youth Group leader at the parish.

Diana and Father Ronald are blessed with a son and daughter and are fortunate that they live nearby. They spend family time with them on a regular basis. Their son and his wife, have a two year old daughter, Mckenna. They love being grandparents and love spending as much time with her as possible.

Father Ronald received a B.A. in Theatre Arts from California State University, San Bernardino. After the Bachelor's degree he entered the Graduate program in Education and received a secondary teaching credential from the State of California. Then went on to recieve a Masters in Arts in Education from Azusa Pacific University. Then did Post-graduate work in Education at the University of San Diego and Alliant University, and in Theatre Education at Southern Utah University. Theological studies was done at St. Michael's Theological Seminary and St. Andrew's Theological Seminary

He has just completed his 27th year of teaching Theatre Arts in a public high school. Teaching young people is his passion and has a heart for them. Teachings has truly blessed his life. Being a public school teacher he has had to be very careful regarding talking about faith to students. As St. Francis said, 'Proclaim the Gospel; if necessary, use words.' Father Ronald: "I pray that I have proclaimed the Gospel to my students through my actions, my words of kindness and my love and concern for them."

Father Paul Castellano

Father Paul is originally from Brooklyn, New York and came to California in 1982. He served 10 years in the military, with his last tour of duty in El Toro, Ca, with the 3rd Marine Air Wing, before they shut El Toro down.

Married to his beautiful wife, Benita, and currently lives in Upland, Ca. with thier daughter Ashley and two cats.

He was raised in the Roman Church and was an atheist by the age 15. While in the military he had a 'conversion' experience and did the Evangelical circuit: from the Charismatic movement, to Pentecostalism, to Fundamentalism. He attended the Baptist Church for a while (Southern Baptist and Reformed Baptist), was a member of John MacArthur's Church, for 3 years, and even was a member of a Grace Brethren Church. You could say he was looking for a home. Finally, became a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Made his home there for 5 wonderfully fulfilling years. But even there, sensed something lacking in worship; in his first year of Seminary, he happened upon Anglicanism and has been in the 'continuing movement' ever since.

Father Paul has a B.A. is in Philosophy from California State University, Long Beach and a M.A. in Philosophy from California State University, Los Angeles, and  continued studies in Philosophy in the Master's program at CSULB. He attended Westminster Theological Seminary, California, where he received M.A. in Theological Studies. In addition, has a ThM from St. Andrews Theological Seminary, NC in Ecclesiastical Theology. Also, has done Post-graduate work at the University of Strasbourg, France. Currently, is a PhD candidate at North West University, Potchefstroom Campus - South Africa; with the goal of completing PhD, "some time before the Lord returns, hopefully"!

He has over 20 years of ministry experience - both ordained and lay ministry and has taught at the middle school, university, and seminary level.

Educated and Experiences Clergy Equals Great Church!

These two clergy really brings all the skills and experience to St. Patrick's, that is lacking in many churches today. They are commited to protecting the faith handed down by the Saints. The word being preached is full of insight and wisdom to help connect you with the life God wants you to live. Having problems in your life, feel like your not connected with God, this men can help you. Tired of church that has fallen of the path of God, your not being feed.

Father Ronald and Father Paul bring you a Conservative, Traditional, Biblical, Historical, Reverent, Dignified, Anglican Worship experience.

Welcome Home!

Father Ronald Murray

Father Paul Castellano